Solutions - Audio Systems


For most of us, what we hear is vital to our understanding of the world. That’s why properly designed audio systems are so critical — not just in concert halls and auditoriums, but everywhere from churches to convention centers, from arenas to hospitals, and from offices to government buildings. With networked audio and digital processing, Mid States can centralize and customize high quality audio for a variety of environments.

What we hear is important, and being able to fine-tune and control what reaches your ears is our business.


  • Meeting rooms, conference rooms, and classrooms
  • Conference centers
  • Outdoor venues
  • Gymnasiums
  • Performance centers and auditoriums
  • Designs that allow control from anywhere in the environment
  • Arenas and stadiums
  • Background music
  • Sound Masking
  • Paging

Mid States Provides:

  • Acoustic design for sound reinforcement and programmed audio applications 
  • Design that eliminates echo and creates collaboration-friendly environments
  • Collaborative design with major manufacturer partners such as Bose, Renkus-Heinz, JBL and most other professional audio manufacturers


Why Work With Mid States

Audio technology is rapidly changing and quality is improving at every step. As technology evolves, our ability to provide our clients with the highest quality audio and most advanced systems improves. Our staff works with our manufacturing partners to make sure we’re always keeping up with and staying ahead of the latest trends in audio, design and installation. What’s more, our service plans make sure that your investment keeps performing year after year.