Brian Gross | Programmer/Project Manager

Brian Gross takes complex systems and makes them very easy to use. In his words, "Every box these days comes with a remote control with 100 buttons. I make those boxes all work together with a clean and simple interface so the user does not need 100 buttons.” He also says, “May the force be with you,” but we find that the force is with him more often than not. Brian’s been at Mid States for over ten years, making complex things simple. A man of many talents, there’s no challenge too big or too complicated for Brian. He does a little bit of everything, which is a big part of why all of our solutions work seamlessly.

When he’s not making the hard stuff easy, Brian’s spending time with his wife, Sarah, who also works at Mid States and their daughter, Bria. Brian is huge into grilling and feels Weber grills are the only way to go. He also enjoys his home theater, listening to music through amplifiers he built himself, or making his home a robot with home automation.